With help from Avvia, renewable energy can benefit everyone.


The biggest difference that sets AVVIA Renewable Energy apart from other renewable energy companies is our client centred business model. We understand that renewable energy in Canada is an amazing, ever-growing, and constantly developing field of business. As geothermal heating and solar power energy technology has advanced and become more accessible for everyday Canadians we have made it our goal to make the process for becoming energy independent as painless, and efficient as possible for everyone.

With this in mind, we designed our turnkey renewable energy program. AVVIA will handle every aspect of your Renewable Energy system, everything from a home energy audit to sizing the components and dealing with you hydro supplier.  AVVIA will be there every step of the way to complete this project and take the burden off of you. This is no easy task for a company to achieve that is why year after year AVVIA has worked hard to build a committed experienced team of Renewable Energy Technicians and Experts including; Electricians, Electrical Engineers, Civil Engineers, Financial experts, and of course renewable installation experts. Solar energy for homes have two important requirements: Electrical Services and Engineering Services.

With our well rounded and dynamic team we can handle every small piece of your project in the most efficient, and cost effective way for you. Thus ensuring that your Renewable Energy Investment is working for you, and not the other way around.

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