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In addition to a resource-saving home energy audit, our Peace of Mind (POM) program will provide you with continuous, guaranteed professional engineering services to ensure maximum efficiency for your solar homes and renewable energy systems.

Solar Module PV Cleaning

This is perhaps one of the most important aspects of solar system maintenance. We remove all soil, dirt, dust, and debris to maximize efficiency and ensure a long-lived, residue-free solar panel surface.

Heat Sink Inspection

An accumulation of dust and debris in the string inverter heat sink can reduce its cooling ability. This negatively impacts the inverter’s operational efficiency.

DC String Test

We test the electrical characteristics of the PV module strings to detect any existing faults that may adversely affect the performance of the system.

Site Evaluation

We assess the location and system, including the roof structure and surface, potential problems with shading, and how to make the most of any limitations.

AC Connection

We check all AC connections of the PV array against faults or potential issues to ensure your solar system is working safely & securely.

Visual Inspection of PV System

We regularly inspect solar system components to identify wear and tear, erosion, and potential problems. This includes: modules, inverters (string & micro), maximizing units (Tigo), cables, connections, grounding, junction boxes, combiner boxes, and mounting systems.

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