Solar Power Systems for Sustainable Energy

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Solar Energy is generated from the most reliable source of energy available – the sun. As a renewable resource, the sun will shine steadily for about another 5 billion years. The energy generated from the sun has a very minimal effect on the environment.

There are many great reasons why you should consider investing in solar power systems for residential and industrial use, including smaller hydro bills, independence from the grid, and the freedom to leave your children with a cleaner environment and a more sustainable future.

Create a Brighter Future for your Family

It’s all about solar energy, so get information about our solar energy packages from AVVIA.

Net Metering transfers your unused energy back to the grid. This program allows you to off-set your homes’ energy consumption with solar power renewable energy that your system generates. On your monthly bill you will see a ‘net’ difference between the two expenses.

The FIT program promotes the development of sustainable energy solutions. This connects your solar electricity system within the FIT program, earning you money. You will be able to sell photovoltaic energy back to the grid at a pre-set rate over a 20 year-period.

Help Create a Green Planet


Solar Powered Homes are:

  • Green: Solar energy efficiency is environmentally responsible and generates power from renewable resources that will not have adverse effects on the ozone or fill the air with harsh pollutants or chemicals, so that your family can breathe easier.
  • Job-Creating: Solar energy homes support the local economy through the generation of clean energy, which in turn stabilize energy costs and help to create green jobs around Ontario.
  • Forward-thinking: In just a few short years, it is estimated that most homes in Toronto and across Ontario will be fitted with solar energy systems.
  • Solar energy equipment: Easy to obtain, adds to your home’s value, and pays for itself in just a short amount of time.


We will conduct a preliminary structural assessment of your residential or commercial property’s roof and a full assessment of your electrical system for compatibility with solar power systems. Once completed, you will be provided with a detailed report with pricing for each of our recommendations, along with comprehensive breakdowns of ROI & expected payback timelines for your new solar power Ontario home or business.

Solar Energy Power FAQs

How Is A Solar Electric System Maintained?

One of the greatest benefits of a solar system is that there is little to no maintenance required. The rain keeps the system clean and as there are no moving parts in the solar panel, there is little chance of any feature showing wear and tear. The only element that may require replacement is the inverter in the solar electric system and this replacement needs to be completed every 20 years.

Is My Home Ready for a Solar Energy Power System?

If your residence has a roof facing the wrong direction, such as north, north-west or northeast, then you are unlikely to be a good candidate for solar systems. If, however, the property’s roof faces south, south-west or south-east, you should consider utilizing this system. The reason for a suitable roof position is that the solar system requires the sun to function. Furthermore, if there are any obstructions shading the roof, such as trees, these issues must be addressed.

How Much Does Solar Power Ontario Receive?

When using solar power systems, it is important to consider that one is living in Canada and winters can be challenging from a solar perspective; however, we continue to be blessed with the sunlight received each year. The amount of solar energy received on a flat surface over time is one of the key pieces of information required to estimate the performance of the solar system. This calculation will act as the core for all future solar energy operations.

The Natural Resource Canada organization, also known as NRCan, has measured and recorded solar energy and insulation from other parameters from meteorological stations around Canada. Consequentially, some accurate tables and maps may be accessed using the Natural Resource Canada official website. Looking at these maps and tables, you will notice that harvesting solar resources can contribute to a more cost-effective and eco-friendly environment.

What Is The Overall Cost Of A Solar Power System?

Cost is a significant factor that many people will consider before purchasing a solar power system. The cost of these systems differs according to the type of system, the size of the panels, the difficulty with installation, the capacity of the solar energy storage devices and the limitations on the property.

An average cost can range between $10,000 and $30,000 when purchasing a full 10 kW system. Due to the fact that each solar power system is unique, it is recommended that you consult with our design technicians and have an assessment done before making a purchase. Solar energy power systems can help you move towards off-grid living – if that is your goal.

Why Should I Contact Avvia Renewable Energy?

There are certain reasons why you should consider contacting Avvia Renewable Energy, these include the following:

  • We have over 10 years of experience in the solar energy services industry
  • We have designed and installed in excess of 100 solar electric systems
  • We understand what works and what does not work regarding the functioning of solar power systems. This knowledge was gained through various trial and error experiences.
  • We are not a start-up business and have been operating effectively in the relevant market for a long time.
  • The company operates with a warehouse and an office.
  • We are committed to the solar system industry and have been operating long before any subsidies existed. We intend to be operating long after subsidies expire.
  • Examples can be provided in the forms of portfolios.