Solar Panels & Racking


AVVIA Renewable Energy through years of exceeding customer expectations with high quality products has developed some of the best solar panel and racking relationships in the industry. This is the ground level of your solar energy or solar thermal system, with our high quality PV panels (photovoltaic panels) that are highly efficient, and come with comprehensive industry leading warranties. Mount them on top of our sturdy, guaranteed racking and your grid tied solar inverters or off grid solar system is off to a great start!

Canadian Solar Modules

Canadian Solar is seen as a leading producer of solar PV panels worldwide. Offering several different modules that span a power range from 260W to 340W, Canadian solar readily meets your requirements. This is why AVVIA has trusted Canadian Solar for many years. No matter the weather, you can rely on Canadian Solar panels in Ontario.

Specialty Off-Grid Modules

No two Off-Grid projects are the same that is why AVVIA offers a wide selection of specialty solar energy products in Ontario to meet your unique situation. Whether you need marine, RV, or portable solar modules AVVIA will be able to supply the specialty modules to make your next a project a complete success, and help you achieve energy independence.

Racking Options

HB Solar

HB Solar is yet another long standing partner of AVVIA Renewable Energy. With a 10 year transferable warranty, and the ability to withstand unrestricted surface water flow, their flat roof racking systems are a winning solution for home solar panels. HB offers a variety of racking to meet your solar needs.


As a locally owned and operated company in the GTA. Kinetic Solar has had a long-standing partnership with AVVIA Renewable Energy offering high quality Flushmount racking. Kinetic Solar offers a one of a kind flashing system that slides underneath shingles, which is great for solar panels in Ontario.

Let us provide you with Durable Solar Panels & Racking

With help from solid solar panels Ontario partnerships we help you build a renewable energy system that lasts.