Solar Panels Racking & Installation Ontario


AVVIA Renewable Energy through years of exceeding customer expectations with high quality products has developed some of the best solar panel and racking relationships in the industry. This is the ground level of your solar energy or solar thermal system, with our high quality PV panels (photovoltaic panels) that are highly efficient, and come with comprehensive industry leading warranties. Mount them on top of our sturdy, guaranteed racking and your grid tied solar inverters or off grid solar system is off to a great start!

Canadian Solar Modules

Canadian Solar is seen as a leading producer of best solar PV panels worldwide. Offering several different modules that span a power range from 260W to 340W, Canadian solar readily meets your requirements. This is why AVVIA has trusted Canadian Solar for many years. No matter the weather, you can rely on Canadian Solar panels in Ontario.

Specialty Off-Grid Modules

No two Off-Grid projects are the same that is why AVVIA offers a wide selection of specialty solar energy products in Ontario to meet your unique situation. Whether you need marine, RV, or portable solar modules AVVIA will be able to supply the specialty modules to make your next a project a complete success, and help you achieve energy independence. We specialize in residential solar panel roof and shingles.

Racking Options

HB Solar

HB Solar is yet another long standing partner of AVVIA Renewable Energy. With a 10 year transferable warranty, and the ability to withstand unrestricted surface water flow, their flat roof racking systems are a winning solution for home solar panels. HB offers a variety of racking to meet your solar needs.


As a locally owned and operated company in the GTA. Kinetic Solar has had a long-standing partnership with AVVIA Renewable Energy offering high quality Flushmount racking. Kinetic Solar offers a one of a kind flashing system that slides underneath shingles, which is great for solar panels in Ontario.

Let us provide you with Durable Solar Panels & Racking

With help from solid solar panels Ontario partnerships we help you build a renewable energy system that lasts.

Solar Panels FAQs

How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

You can produce electricity using solar panels for 30 years. When purchased, they come with a warranty of 25 years. Currently, it’s tough to find anything in the market that lasts as long as these panels thus illustrating further the longevity and durability.

Why Should You Call Avvia Renewable Energy?

  • We have been in the solar industry for the last 14 years and have gathered enough expertise and experience to handle all your solar needs
  • We have designed and completed installations for more than 100 solar panels
  • We have enough expertise to know the best solar panel choice for you
  • We are reputable because we have been in business for many years
  • We have verifiable business address which you can visit anytime for assistance regarding solar panels
  • We have a list of references with work we have done in the past and we’re ready to show it to you
  • We have 100% commitment to the solar panel industry even before subsidies were introduced
  • We will be here for you through thick and thin

How Do Solar Panels Work?

Each solar panel contains numerous solar cells that capture the sun’s rays and convert them into electrical energy. Once each of the solar cells is exposed to the sun’s rays, the sun’s energy is then transferred into electrons in the material surface. The excess energy allows the escape of electrons from their atoms and their movement produces electric current. The movement of electrons is referred to as photovoltaic effect (PV).

How Is A Solar Panel Constructed?

Polysilicon (the main material used to construct solar cells) is refined from silica sands and quarts. The material comes in various grades each of which can be used to create solar cells of varying quality. Currently, crystalline silicone is considered the best with regards to cost and efficiency. To hold them in place, lamination using a plastic substrate is used which also protects the electrical connections. The solar panels are then sealed using a backing material with the tempered glass on the top while an aluminum channel is used to frame it. Finally, a junction box that contains electrical connections is placed on the back part of the solar panel.

How Long Will The Solar Panel Last?

Each year, solar panels lose at least 0.5% to about 0.75% power output because of the degradation of the solar cells among other factors. Therefore, if installed today, within 2 decades, they will produce at least 85% of their original electricity. When calculating your yearly production of power as well as microFit income, you should consider the output reduction. Therefore any financial data and quotes from installer and solar panel providers reflect that fact.

Besides that, the solar panel should work for at least 30 years, if installed correctly and there isn’t any solar cell failure attributed to manufacturing defects, thermal stress, cracking and delamination.

How Do Solar Panels Work During Winter?

As long as they are not covered in snow, your solar panels should work perfectly. Note that in the winter sun the solar panels can produce more or the same amount of power than in the summer days when they are hotter and definitely less efficient.

When calculating the solar energy production, we consider the roof slope to determine the expected loss because of snow. Keep in mind that at least 84% of electricity will be done at least ¾ of the year during fall, summer and spring when there are longer days. Therefore, any losses in the cold season are definitely negligible.