Grid Tied Inverters

Safe, Cost Effective, and Efficient

AVVIA’s wide selection of grid tied invertors are supplied by companies that have year after year met, and exceeded government standards for grid tied Net Metering systems. From anti-islanding technology, to the now mandated rapid shutdown disconnects, our suppliers have been, and continue to be ahead of the grade with invertors for your next Net-Metering, FIT, or MicroFIT solar power project.

Solar Inverters


AVVIA partners with Fronius because we know that you need an installation process that is instant and uninterrupted. From residential to commercial applications, Fronius provides you with the ability to control your energy. Offering inverters from 1.5kW to 24kW, you are guaranteed to provide your system with the right fit. Rely on Fronius so that you won’t have to worry about changing your system again.

Solar Edge

A Solar Edge inverter is an essential component in your upcoming solar project. With a selection of 3kW to 33.3kW inverters, AVVIA knows that Solar Edge has the exact product you need. You won’t have to worry about buying another inverter because of its IP65 rating and 12 year warranty. This long-lasting solution provides fast installation and a guarantee of high-efficiency operation at >97 to 99%.

Let us Provide you with Worry-Free Grid-Tied Inverters