Batteries for Solar Energy Systems

Industry Leading Energy Storage Technology

No Off Grid  power system would be complete without battery storage. AVVIA has spent many years building relationships with key industry leading battery suppliers, and were happy to pass this benefit on to all our clients. Let us show you the difference that high quality batteries will make in your system’s performance.


Batteries are an essential component in Off-Grid systems. AVVIA Renewable Energy uses Discover batteries because they demonstrate a high operating performance and low maintenance. Discover outperforms competitors because you save on replacement and maintenance fees. Their batteries come in a variety of sizes in order to meet your needs. Let our technicians size out the correct batteries to match your project today.

Rolls Battery Engineering

Rolls Battery is the exclusive supplier of top quality Surrette manufactured batteries, AVVIA has been proud to offer Surrette batteries for many years in our Off-Grid systems. Surrette is Canada’s only remaining independent battery manufacturer, and is one of the top producers in North America. Offering a wide range of deep cycle batteries, in all makes and compositions, we can supply the batteries to make your Solar panels and Ontario renewable energy system as efficient as possible.

Aquion Batteries

Experience the sustainability of the cleanest and safest batteries in the world. Aquion utilizes a remarkable salt water system in their product, which makes them the clear solution to your energy storage needs. Aquion batteries are cost-effective because of the simple one-time installation process and maintenance-free operation. They are available in many sizes, so our renewable energy technicians will evaluate and implement the correct system for you.

We Provide you with Quality Batteries that a Built to Last